Modern Apartment in Poland by MSWW

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Sep 2013 7:51 am | Apartments

Located in Gdynia, Poland, this highly modern apartment was designed by the MSWW (Ministry of Interior Affairs) and it attracts our attention through its carefully picked furnishings and impressive illumination techniques.

The color palette is predominantly white with touches of black for contrast and orange to enrich the space, thus making the interior very bright and joyful. The choice of furniture is minimalist each piece having a very clear purpose without making the rooms appear too simple.

The large living room features an interesting fireplace and each furniture piece has its own LEDs behind it so that you can adjust the light according to your preferences and create a very personal ambiance. The center of the living room contains a circular rug that contrasts the rest of the room and the round coffee table.

The kitchen is minimalist and elegant acting as a complement to the living room. Most of the items have rounded corners so that everything seems very smooth and elegant making you feel safe and at home.



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