Modern Apartment near Gibraltar by MO..OW design

By : Mark V | 20 Jun 2015 11:32 pm | Apartments, Interiors

The MO..OW studio situated in Moscow designed an apartment on the coast of Marbella in Spain. The client chose this particular place for its view of the Gibraltar but he wanted to give his new home a completely different allure from the more common Mediterranean style. The excessively warm climate in the area allowed the use of a hyper modern style sometimes even bordering on the science-fiction, with predominant cold colors.

The vertical plan was the primary focus according to the designers and they wanted the vertical curves to get pushed towards the horizontal, thus turning the whole interior a smooth whole. The use of glass enlarges the space and gives the rooms a cool and refreshing feeling. To ease the space-station feeling given by the glass, the designers combined it with wood and leather on the opposite sides, which let the eyes rest on colors that seem closer to nature.

The floor is made out of sand colored marble reminding the inhabitants of the beach outside. Also, the two bathrooms are designed as a link with the exterior, the one with a view towards the garden being cladded with green marble and the one toward the sea with blue marble.The bedroom is minimalist and quite tastefully designed, with an imposing midnight blue bed and plenty of light spots.

As a whole the apartment manages to stand out as an organic microcosm and thus the designers deserve our applause.

[MO..OW Design]

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