Modern Apartment in Kiev by Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Dec 2013 7:56 am | Apartments

This apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine with a modern design which is the work of the architects Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub.

The project’s layout was limited by the fact that all the windows are facing one side of the building and this reduced the amount of light entering inside. The project spreads over a surface of 1000 square feet and the inhabitants are a young family with children.

Three of the rooms have been planned around the window wall: the living room, the children’s room and the office space to profit as much as possible from the natural light. The office space communicates with the kitchen through sliding glass doors so that light carries on throughout and a visual connection is maintained between the areas.

The kitchen is the central area since here is where the entire family comes together and the dining area and lounge area with the sofa are both in the close vicinity.



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