Modern Apartment in Bratislava by Juraj Karlik

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Oct 2013 9:01 am | Apartments

This impressive contemporary apartment was designed by Juraj Karlik from the Neopolis Studio with an exceptional sense of detain and a lot of functionality.

Located in Bratislava, Slovakia the project belongs to the designer Vierka and it has a spacious open plan living room which integrates the dining area and the kitchen. There are two entrances linking the interior with the outdoor terraces and there is also a children’s room in the apartment with custom made bunk beds, generous storage areas and an office space.

The master bedroom has a warm design which was created to offer the feeling of safety and of coziness while also being stylish and elegant. There are two bathrooms a separate toilet and a technical room with the washing machine and the areas are fluently connected in an intuitive way so that functionality combines with style.

The furniture and furnishings were custom designed to increase the sense of space inside and to create the ideal ambiance for each room.



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