Mocha Mojo coffeehouse in Chennai, India.

By : Mark V | 14 Jul 2011 7:09 am | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The Mocha Mojo coffeehouse is the work of Mancini Design which managed to create a perfect space to enjoy a coffee and conversations with a special, early modernist approach, towards the interior. This incredible coffeehouse is located in Chennai, India and its design refers to the 70s mastery of special with bright colors and interesting arrangements.

The architects wanted to create beauty through purity, reduction to functionalist objects, light on pure material and in pure colors. Only in the 60s and 70s qualities of “opulence” and “ornament” were re-infused into interiors resulting in spaces of great intensity like this one.

The coffeehouse was first designed in 3d and then built on the site level by level, a simple process after which everyone taking part at the built, the carpenters and painters, the designer, the owner, had great fun during the construction of these amazing layers and levels.

[Mancini Design]

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