Mobiversum by J. Mayer H.

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Mar 2014 8:52 am | Education

The J. Mayer H. architectural practice collaborated with Professor Renate Zimmer from the Osnabruck University to create the Mobiversum project which wants to offer a playground in the shape of a tree-like installation that has the theme of “people, cars and what moves them”.

The project is located at the Autostadt Wolfsburg and it is a learning landscape with a wide array of possible interactions wanting to teach the children of all ages about the environment and the “green” topics such as cooking or saving energy.

The wooden sculpture inside the project acts as a forest with sliding areas and stairs for the children to explore and to improve their mobility while interacting with the environment. The space is diverse and there are several areas with different themes, encouraging the children to seek out new ways of playing with the space and new ideas in each part of the Mobiversum.



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