Minus5 Ice Bar

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2013 7:35 pm | Restaurants & Bars

During the summer the weather can become quite annoying and if you are in New York, the perfect location to forget about the temperature is the Minus5 Ice Bar in Midtown at the Hilton on 6th Avenue.

This bar is carved out of blocks of ice with a weight of 100 pounds each and to increase the temperature and comfort, the bar top and the seats are covered in fake deerskin. According to the owners the entire establishment was made with Canadian ice reaching a total cost of 5 million dollars.

The bar is the third of its kind in the United States with two others being located in Las Vegas, a city that is much warmer in comparison. During the day, the place is opened to the entire family for 20 dollars, from 2pm to 7pm and after this it transforms into a bar and club.

Although it might seem attractive and original, the project isn’t exactly eco-friendly due to its massive waste of energy, but it gains points due to its style and beauty.


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