Minimalist 1 Bedroom Apartment by Pavlova Oksana

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jan 2015 9:21 am | Apartments

The architect Pavlova Oksana designed this single bedroom apartment for a young man to offer a comfortable contemporary home where he can go on with his daily activities in a cozy ambiance.

The loft spreads over a surface of 47 square meters and has plenty of sunlight coming in through the dining area which leads to the living room with the kitchen integrated. The predominant palette is neutral but splashes of lime green and yellow make it livelier.

The storage problems were resolved through the integration of a lot of cabinets in the kitchen for all the appliances and the breakfast bar clearly separates this area from the nearby lounge with the flatscreen TV mounted on the wall.

The designers implemented a home office in a separate area so that it would have the privacy it needs without covering too much of the overall floor space. The bathroom has a warmer palette with copper tones and mismatched tiles for a more comfortable and dynamic aesthetic.


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