Milson Island Sports Stadium by Allen Jack + Cottier Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Feb 2014 5:12 pm | Sport Arenas

The practice of Allen Jack + Cottier Architects designed the Milson Island Sports Stadium located on a peaceful natural site to the north of Sydney, Australia and the project takes the inspiration for its shape from the canoe.

The purpose of the project is to be a retreat for the disadvantaged youth with a strong focus on health and social equity so the designers chose to employ two transparent glazed walls with a curbing plywood skin that gives the volume of the overall structure.

The stadium incorporates various sporting activities such as basketball or dance performances and the rounded shape of the roof helps to mitigate the powerful winds and to eliminate the need for downspouts and gutters since the rainwater slides off with ease and pours into the gardens below where there is natural filtering and collection.

The stadium has twelve wind turbines that ensure a cool temperature during the summer and the canopy is visible during the nighttime due to the illuminated backdrop which along with the glass strip makes the building seem to float above the ground.



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