Micro-house by Studio Liu Lubin

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Jun 2016 6:42 am | Other

The Liu Lubin Studio designed the Micro-house as a residence that offers the minimum amount of space needed for the basic indoor movement offering an original integrated habitat.

Located in Beijing, China, the Micro-house tries to combine furniture design with architectural elements and the house can rotate in order to shift the space and allow different activities inside. The movements inside are all taken care of and there is space for sitting, laying and standing while doing activities such as resting, working, cooking, washing etc.

The Micro-house offers the option of grouping several houses together to create a housing suite or even a residential cluster thus making it possible to have a private house even under the current Chinese land policy.

The material used in the construction of the project is glass fiber reinforced plastic, a material that is durable and light so that the house can be lifted and assembled without the need of extra utilities and transported easily.



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