Micro Apartment by Vertebrae Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Dec 2014 8:27 pm | Apartments

The Vertebrae Architecture practice created this highly modern and efficient micro apartment in 2014 with a total surface of only 330 square feet but a completely functional interior located in Venice, California, USA.

The color palette chosen is a neutral one with minimal tones so that the attention of the inhabitants focuses on the overall space instead of single items. Despite the really small size, the apartment has all the necessary programs incorporated with the kitchen connected to the bedroom and lounge area which even extends to a small balcony for a better connection with the outdoors from which you can have a view of the surrounding urban landscape or a great spot to enjoy your coffee.

The storage issues were solved with hidden areas which span from floor to ceiling to delineate the different areas inside while also ensuring a visual and acoustic privacy for the sleeping areas.


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