Mersin Stadium by Bahadir Kul Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Mar 2014 8:46 am | Stadiums

The Mersin Stadium located in the city with the same name in Turkey was designed by the practice of Bahadir Kul Architects in 2013 and it tries to be a cultural center for the spectators while also reducing the traffic jam and creating a landmark in the area.

The stadium will host national and international sport events with a capacity of 25000 seats and the landscape was designed to offer a connection to the pedestrians and the area. The stadium wasted to offer an efficient design and thus there are 1295 spots for automobiles and 46 spots for buses in the master plan allowing an easy flow in the area.

The grass is artificial and it fits the FIFA and UEFA criteria, while the shape of the stadium is elliptic, reminiscent of a shell. The structure is symbolic and it represents the relation between the landscape and the building, setting a boundary for the area while also covering the tribune areas from the top.



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