Merrion Cricket Club by TAKA Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Nov 2014 9:58 am | Sport Arenas

The Merrion Cricket Club on 4 Anglesea Road, Dublin, Ireland was designed in 2014 by the practice of TAKA Architects to update the project with a new pavilion which replaces the one from the 1980s after being severely damaged in the flooding of 2010.

The club was founded in 1879 and is on this site since 1906 with the new building seeming to have an irregular layout from some vantage points although it is a symmetrical pyramid which was cut to fit into the irregular site.

There is a pitched roof covering the spaces to shelter an apartment below the apex as well as a viewing terrace toward the pitch and a portico to frame the square. The flood risks of the site were prevented by raising several steps above ground level with waterproof concrete wainscoting to the window level. The door openings have temporary floor barriers and above this level the surface is made of clay bricks or glazed.


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