Mercato by Neri & Hu Design and Reserch Office

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jul 2013 10:18 am | Restaurants & Bars

Mercato is one of the best places to eat Italian food in Shanghai led by the famous Jean-Georges Vongerichten as the main chef and located in the Three on the Bund building.

The restaurant was designed by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office and it spreads over a surface of 1000 square meters with an ambiance that combines style with rustic elements due to several structural elements left visible and bare.

The Three on the Bund building is itself a piece of the city’s history being built in the early 1900s as the first building in Shanghai to use steel in its construction, this is why the designers chose to reveal these columns.

The new design also has additional insertions made through the original brickwork, concrete and plaster, such as a Victorian plaster ceiling, the lockers on the walls or the large number of glass bulbs, so that the space becomes a celebration of the new and the old just like the building and the city itself is.



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