Menlo Oaks 2 by Ana Williamson Architect

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 May 2016 6:10 am | Homes

Menlo Oaks 2 is a contemporary extension of an Eichler house from the 1960s and it is located in Menlo Park, California with a design created by the architect Ana Williamson.

The house is under a canopy of oak trees and was acquired by the current owner ten years ago and since he deeply loved the modern simplicity of the original structure he was reluctant to add anything new to it until now.

The project was created with the aid of the owner and it features a new family room hub opening in the rear area of the house which contains the bedroom. Thus the extension creates a connection between the backyard and the home and it has a gently sloping roof and steel doors and windows to act as a contrast to the traditional wooden structures while also giving a lighter and more transparent character to the overall extension.



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