McLaren Production Centre by Foster

By : Mark V | 24 Jun 2015 6:42 pm | Other

The new McLaren Production Centre, the second project designed by Foster + Partners at the company’s headquarters in Woking,  was recently opened by Prime Minister David Comeron. The center has 34,500 sqm and it is located on the south west part of the current McLaren Technology Centre.

The two structures communicate with each other through an underground walkway – and they also have in common the design and materials that were used in the construction. The entrance looks like a glass drum, that seems to welcome the clients in this flexible and environmentally friendly facility.

The new production center will offer a lot of manufacturing jobs and will host the assembly of the next road cars from McLaren and the famous MP4-12C high-performance sports car that was recently released on the market. Having a flexible design the roof allows photovoltaic panels to be installed in the future, but right now the main use of the roof is to collect rainwater.

The two story high building embodies all the stages of production: components are sent away from different corners of the country and the world and cars are assembled here, painted, tested and there is also a car wash in the building. The storage area can be found in the basement and the mezzanine floor is located above the basement offering generous views of the production line.

The site wasn’t damaged because no soil has been taken out its place,the excavated material wasn’t wasted, it was put to good use by concealing the center in such a way to fit the surroundings.


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