McDonald’s Interior in France by Patrick Norguet

By : Mark V | 27 Jan 2013 2:18 am | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

Designed by Patric Norguet, this McDonald’s interior in Villefranche-de-Lauragais in France tries to reshape the way the restaurants’ look, bringing it up to date.

Trying to solve the identity crisis that the company faced when wondering whether to focus more towards the teenager or the family, the new McDonald is aiming at pleasing the entire family. With the motto “McDo et vous” and thus the shapes and colors will get a more contemporary turn.

Wanting to provide more functionality through the use of digital terminals that are spread through the entire room, you can now order the meals and wait for them as in the regular restaurants, without any lines of customers. The meals will be brought directly to your table. There are also the usual alcoves for a little more privacy and also the raised tables for standing up while eating, if you are in a rush, since it still is fast food.

The design is more sober than what we were used to, with lighter tones, and more abstract patterns, seeming to attract the more mature audience rather than the children. The floor, designed by Lea Ceramica, is really interesting and blends really well with the ambiance, while the illumination is carefully thought of to give the best comfort.

The concept of this restaurant is already planned to spread through 6 restaurants in France, and will probably mean a new image for the entire restaurant chain in the future.


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