Marecollege by 24H Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jun 2013 11:33 am | Education

The 24H Architecture practice designed the Marecollege in 2013 which had to move to a new location because of the urban developments which took place in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands.

The location chosen was on the Sumatrastraat where there was an abandoned school building which was transformed into the new Marecollege, a secondary Waldorf school with 450 students. The building has a surface of 3800 square meters and the clients wanted the design to partially use the existing 1960’s building and add new extensions to it.

The designers added several new structures in order to completely change the look of the school and give it a new identity. The new entrance has an organic lemniscates shape leading to a central hall. The interior features several special spaces such as an auditorium and dance room along with the school classes.

There is an inner courtyard which hosts the playground and there are 32 classrooms with specially designed wooden ceilings and a new ventilation system which provides abundant fresh air.



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