Marco Balestri House by Simone Micheli

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:04 pm | Homes

The Marco Balestri House is a project designed by the architect Simone Micheli and it is located in the new Lambrate district of Milan, Italy, offering a place where the inhabitants can integrate fashion, design, culture and human relations into their daily lives.

The open home provides a lot of flexibility with the objects and surfaces being placed in new ways to add a new dimension for the interior, one which is out of the social conventions. The resulting project is highly modern with breaks in the walls to ensure abundant natural light inside and white furniture combined with vivid colors and LED illumination.

The concrete pavement extends from the living area to the kitchen to give the feeling of order and integrity, so that the areas feel as a part of a larger whole. The geometric shape of the furniture was chosen specifically for the project and it was also designed by Simone Micheli to ensure a highly dynamic space.



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