Manifesto House by James & Mau Arquitetura

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 May 2014 6:14 pm | Homes

Located in Curacavi, Chile, the Manifesto House is a modular project designed by the practice of James & Mau Arquitetura as a concept for the Infiniski construction company offering an eco-friendly living alternative which has the possibility of bioclimatic integration.

Using recycled materials and non polluting fabrication techniques, the project integrates renewable energy and a system of palette shutters which open or close to protect the metal volumes from the sun. The house is built out of three recycled shipping containers which comprise the two floors and offer a total floor area of 160 square meters.

The ground level contains the living area with sliding doors connecting it to its surroundings and giving access to several outdoor patios. The prefabricated modular components permit an efficient building process and they allow easy modifications or extensions in the future to adapt the home according to the needs of the inhabitants. The upper level opens to a cantilevered balcony which offers a good view of the surroundings.



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