Malibu Seaside Estate by Burdge & Associates

By : Mark V | 13 Jan 2013 9:53 pm | Homes

The international architectural, planning and consulting firm of Burdge & Associates Architects, Inc. completed in 2011 the project for a Seaside Estate, on the beach of Point Dume in Malibu, in the state of California.

The firm splits its projects into Mediterranean, traditional, contemporary and commercial, and this one belongs in the contemporary subdivision. This building is not trying to go too far away from the original lines and aims more towards the cozy and practical but this doesn’t mean the luxury isn’t there.

The wonderfully temperate climate and nearby ocean invite panoramic views from all the possible angles and the cedar wood combined with stucco blend in perfectly with the beach and vegetation which surrounds the site. The materials used are modern and also hint towards the feeling of a retreat, the geometry of the building is rectangular which adds to the feeling of space that the expansive glass offers and the property includes a pool and a spa, terraces and even an extra kitchen on the outside.

The clean lines and overall minimalist theme of the project fit the location of the building perfectly and make this luxury home one that is as close as you could get to a dream home.

[Adelto & Berlyn Photography]

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