Magok Central Plaza Winning Proposal by Wooridongin Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Aug 2013 7:05 pm | Urban

The competition for the Magok Central Plaza, located at the intersection of the pedestrian axis of the Festival Street in Magok city, Seoul, Korea, was won by the practice of Wooridongin Architects with an imposing design which utilizes various eco-friendly elements.

The plaza acts as a traffic node due to the fact that the Incheon Airport train and the 5 and 9 subway lines go through it and due to its proximity to the Han River greenery there is a large open space system from which it becomes a part of.

With this idea in mind, the designers placed a pedestrian bridge connecting the north and south areas which also offers a view of the streetscape. The bridge is made of solar panels, glass, LED lights and a green wall so that it is illuminated through the use of solar panels and through motion sensors the lights change according to the movement of the passers-by. This interactivity makes the plaza seem livelier and the basement level also offers variable installations which provide various activities.



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