Magnolia Gardens by Rhodes Architecture + Light

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Dec 2015 8:24 pm | Homes

This project was created using the existing foundations of a house built in 1964 and located in the northwest of Seattle, Washington, USA. The new project is a commission by a local developer and it was built in 2006 and sold right after completion.

Designed by the practice of Rhodes Architecture + Light the new project only takes the foundation from the original one, but transforms everything else into a dynamic and colorful piece of modern architecture. Rather than opting for neutral tones, the designers chose warm colors with light wood as the predominant shade to ensure that the interior has a more natural ambiance and is thus cozier.

The designers also collaborated with the professional lighting designers of LightWire, Swenson Say Faget, Structural Engineering and the firm Island Construction for the actual building.

The skylights and tall windows allow a lot of natural light inside and also provide a wonderful view of the Elliott Bay toward the southwest and of the West Seattle Peninsula especially through the glass atrium and glass curtain walls.



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