Luxury Wairau Valley property in New Zealand

By : Mark V | 11 May 2016 5:23 am | Homes

Located in Wairau Valley near the Wairau River in Rapaura, New Zealand, this project was designed by the design firm of Parsonson Architects Ltd.

The house is designed with specific purposes in mind for each of the rooms, thus some of them tend to isolate the exterior and just offer more privacy to the inhabitants, whereas others offer plenty of glass and retractable doors to communicate as much as possible with the surrounding nature.

The design is contemporary and uses plenty of straight lines and concrete walls to define the exterior and the interior spaces more obviously and they also used Eucalyptus Saligna to offer clear forms and warm and natural colors. The landscape around is made up of orchards and vines to also offer a pattern to the land and the house copies this model through lines of pergolas and planting posts.

The house won the NZIA Local Award for Architecture in the year 2012 thus gaining professional recognition for its qualities.


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