Luxury Village and Mercury Theatre by Project Meganom

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jun 2014 5:17 pm | Other

The Project Meganom architectural practice designed the Luxury Village in Barvikha, Moskovskaya oblast, Russia in 2008 and the Mercury Theatre inside it.

The Luxury Village is a retail complex which covers 600 meters along the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Highway as a pedestrian street between two strips of shops that bring five squares together. The street begins with a spa hotel and continues all the way to the Theatre with small shops that have a common basement with storage spaces, technical rooms and underground parking. For the landscaping the designers opted for the West 8 team.

The theater has a foyer that looks as the continuation of the square with a sculptural façade made of wooden blades that adds a dynamic element to the exterior. The hall can be used as a theater, a cabaret, for presentations or for fashion shows through the integration of eight hydraulic mechanisms that lower or raise the floor platforms.



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