Luxury Villa in Qatar by Muhammad Taher

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Jun 2015 5:46 pm | Homes

The architect and CG artist Muhammad Taher offered a 3D architectural visualization of this flamboyant villa which is located in Quatar, as a proof of wealth and grandeur.

The entrance to the villa features a dome ceiling and a curving staircase and the baroque design features touches of gold throughout. Other materials include exotic woods, marble columns and European fabrics to complete this show of opulence.

The interiors are decorated with works of art and wall friezes that overwhelm the visitors with a sense of baroque exaggeration that might not be quite pleasing to the minimalist eye of the contemporary aesthetic for which everything not serving a purpose is better left out.

Going further inside, the dining room is richly colored with an ornately carved dining table with a full set of velvet covered chairs that make this space seem to come out of a museum rather than offer any functionality. Add some large chandeliers and some baroque paintings and you have a space where Louis XIV would feel right at home.



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