Luxembourg House by Richard Meier & Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Sep 2014 3:43 pm | Homes

The Luxembourg House is a luxurious residential project designed by the Richard Meier & Partners architectural practice on a sloped site with a forest surrounding it and the structure incorporates several sustainable elements that ensure its efficiency.

The house spreads over three floors to provide panoramic views of the surroundings and its orientation was determined by the solar gain as well as to shield it from overheating. The layout has an L shape with the private rooms toward the north and the basement floor built into earth to host the garage and service areas along with a large gym and sauna.

The first floor is where the living areas were placed with the open kitchen, living and dining areas along with a guest room and children’s playroom. The upper floor hosts the bedrooms and other private areas that require less noise such as the library, study and lounge.

The roof is covered with vegetation and there are vacuum tube solar collectors to heat the water. Rainwater is also collected for irrigation and a heat pump ensures the heating and cooling.


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