Lugner Bridge by Bulant & Wailzer

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jul 2013 6:34 pm | Bridges

Designed by the architectural practice of Bulant & Wailzer, the Lugner Bridge connects the historical Otto Wagner metro station with a horizontal platform above the traffic streams of the Guertel and then leads to the Lunger City which is one of the entertainment and shopping centers of Vienna.

The Lunger City has a pedestrian axis which reaches the City Event Hall and the bridge is the first element of this axis thus acting as an entrance and landmark for the complex. Due to this purpose the bridge was designed to attract the attention of the visitors through its aspect of a bright object hovering above the city.

The bridge hangs on the building with two cables and the main construction is in steel girders with a glass envelope connected to the steel grid with hidden mechanical fixing that makes the bridge have a complete glass façade.

To make the bridge more visible during the night the project interacts with the city light by mirroring them and it also emits its own lights inside.



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