LR Sustainable House by Tecto Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Dec 2014 11:29 am | Homes

The Tecto Architecture practice designed the LR Sustainable House located in Buzau County, Romania with a style in which the orientation and shape of the building try to take advantage of the natural light.

The south side is glazed and the location on the highest part of the site allows the home to enjoy a great view of the surroundings with the forest and plains nearby. The curves of the natural terrain were left unmodified so that the structure wouldn’t impact the environment too much and the interior layout is spread over three main areas with different orientations.

The materials for the house were chosen for a low carbon footprint and the wood walls, natural stone, gravel and aluminum frames are the predominant choices for a good integration with the natural landscape.

The interior left some of the logs visible for a rustic touch with cozy tones and the palette brings some strong colors like orange or blue for an impactful ambiance.


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