Lower Hatea Crossing by Knight Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2013 6:31 pm | Bridges

After winning the competition for the design of the Lower Haltea Crossing in Whangarei, New Zeeland, the Knight Architects practice created this beautiful bridge which will reduce the congestion in the city’s center and offer better access to the Whangarei Heads and the airport.

The bridge crosses 265 meters of river and it features permanent minimum headroom for river users along with a 25 meter wide lifting section that permits the vessels with a height of more than 7.5 meters to pass through.

The opening system is highly efficient and uses a traditional rolling bascule bridge type that has structural steel deck supports. When elevated, the system has a J shape which is reminiscent of a fishing hook, an often used motif in the Maori culture.

The bridge was officially opened in 27 July 2013 by Phil Heatley, the tribal elders and local dignitaries with a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony and a flotilla of boats on parade.



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