Lovely Swedish Apartment Enhanced by Texture Diversity

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2014 7:39 pm | Apartments

This apartment follows the trends of Scandinavian design and uses them to create an elegant interior with an open plan which is completed by an abundance of decorative elements that create a great ambiance.

The Swedish apartment is located on the ground floor and the designers took advantage of this through the creation of a terrace. The entrance inside is made through an unconventional hallway and it gives you access to the living area with the dining space integrated in it.

The designers didn’t want to create a minimalist space and preferred to decorate it with elegant art pieces that add a large array of textures due to the cushion covers, carpets, blankets as well as the classical frames of the paintings.

The color palette is predominantly neutral with white walls and ceilings, a wooden floor and a combination of black, white and beige on the furniture pieces making each room seem quite cozy and welcoming.



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