Lovely home on Japan’s Coast: Villa Ronde

By : Mark V | 10 Oct 2011 4:41 pm | Homes

The name of the residence says it all. It has a round shaped structure and it has only modern influences, designed by Ciel Rouge Creation and Henri Gyeundan Architects. It is modern but also eco friendly. Located on the coast of Japan it has a green roof and its façade is white walled and wooden lined so it can capture the local aspect.

The exterior helps the light fill the house. The design tricks the eye because viewed from a distance, you can’t make up your mind, whether it was set on the cliff or it was carved out of it. When approaching it, the mystery isn’t solved either. It also has a beautiful, big courtyard.

The view of the ocean can be admired at the back of the house and the open stone patio is inviting for relaxation and meditation. The natural elements are plain to see: the roof is covered in foliage, contrasting with the white lines that make the home structure. The center of the house captures the private courtyard, that can be accessed from floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

Above it you can find curling staircases. Villa Ronde also has a protective wall that has open spaces to allow the light to come in and out. This residence is a testimony that Japan can also offer a means to escape the hectic life of the crowded, modern cities and dwell into nature and just relax.


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