Lovely design: Sobrino House by A4 Estudio

By : Mark V | 15 Aug 2011 7:43 pm | Homes

Designed by A4 Estudio, this stunning villa dubbed as the “Sobrino House” is located in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina. Architects faced a complex project where the house is also a workplace and they had to organize it and design it to be great for work, as a shelter and as a place to relax and to admire the beautiful surroundings as well.

All the family activities are located in a common volume that lands on the highest level of the ground and rises 2.5m from the lowest part of the building. This makes the entry to the house to be underneath the family area, stripping at this point the natural slope of the site.

The paths between the family area and the work area located below are designed to be the heart of the house, taking full advantage of the home’s location. Floor to ceiling windows were used to take advantage of the best sunshine light and the most amazing views of the surroundings and clean lines make this property to look ultra modern.

Thanks to it’s elevated arrangement, the family plan is clearly separated from the work plan, having the sense of intimacy everyone looks for in their home. The beautiful pool and the stonework used on the home’s structure are two other attractions of this unique property from Argentina.

[A4 Estudio]

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