Lotte Amoje Foodcapital by Karim Rashid

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2013 1:51 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Lotte Amoje Foodcapital was designed by the studio of Karim Rashid in the city of Seoul, South Korea and its interior provides an environment that is different from a typical cafeteria due to the “technorganic” shapes and colors.

The playful and colorful interior uses several columns as the central elements with the tables spreading from them and defining the space. There are no rough edges; everything is smooth and curved to offer a blend of technology and organic design. The white surface of the tables, floor and ceiling reflects the light from the individual luminaries which are placed throughout the room and they make the bulbous shapes stand out.

The furnishings use a wide palette which makes them some of the main elements of the interior with lime, fuscia, gray or white alternating to complete the undulating ambiance. There are also several large bulbous shapes which conceal the cash registers and act as the places for customer orientation.



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