Longjiang Road House by PartiDesign Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Oct 2013 5:11 pm | Interiors

The Longjiang Road House is an impressive project designed by the PartiDesign Studio with a cozy modern ambiance that offers a lot of space and the same comfort which you would have in a suburban house with the added bonus of being in a central area.

The main idea in this project is to create the impression of space in each section of the home so the designers opted for a minimalist design with a bright palette that uses white walls, reflective surfaces on the furnishings and a light wooden flooring to create a warm ambiance.

The dining area and the kitchen are the most open areas and with the aid of the floor to ceiling windows they receive abundant natural light and maintain a constant connection with the city. Each section of the project is defined through the different furniture palette and texture so that they are clearly delineated without the need for extra walls.

The project also hosts a workspace and children’s rooms to complete the home with all the functions needed.



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