London Aquatics Center 2012 is finished

By : Mark V | 4 Oct 2011 8:16 am | Indoor Arenas, Sport Arenas

The London 2012 games approach-it’s only one year left. The Aquatics Center construction is ready. The new center houses 17.500 people and specialists never thought that the construction will be right on time due to its complex roof that was built in the shape of a curvy wave.

The Aquatics Center is the last built Olympic park venue out of the six main ones. The building was designed by Zaha Hadid. The roof is made out of steel and the competition will be held here where the diving pools can be found below the roof itself, all being part of the main hall.

Zada Hadid architects solved the problem of seating, adding wings on each side of the building. The wings will be removed after the games end. The third pool for training is beneath the Stratford City Bridge and is covered by the curving canopy. It took the architects exactly three years to build the Aquatics Centre since the construction started around June 2008.

Everybody had to gain from this construction. Thousands of companies from the UK joined the project. More than 40.000 people worked on the Aquatics Center since April 2008,raising around 1500 direct contracts valued around £6bn.The construction of the venue was finalized thanks to more than 3630 people and 370 UK businesses have won contracts.

The center got steel for the roof from Wales, Scotland facilitated the pool lights, Bedfordshire brought the pumps, a company from Newcastle-upon-Tyne came with the under-floor heating and a Flintshire company did the water testing.

[Photographers Hufton + Crow]

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