London 2012 Basketball Arena by Sinclair Knight

By : Mark V | 15 Nov 2011 12:58 am | Indoor Arenas, Sport Arenas

Work on the London 2012 Basketball Arena started in October 2009 and after it was finished a couple of months ago, it was known as one of the largest basketball venues-even if it`s temporary that was used for Olympic and Paralympic Games. The structure will be dismantled after the Games and it can be installed somewhere else.

The 1,000 ton steel frame started to be built in March 2010 and right now the basketball arena is able to welcome its guests,making the arena one of the fastest Olympic Park venues to be finished in such a short time frame.This is the fourth Olympic Park venue that succeeded to be completed.

The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) will take care of the last touches to prepare the arena for the London International Basketball Invitational.The event will take place between the 16th-21st August and six men teams from different parts of the world will come to London to compete.These are: Australia,China,Croatia,Great Britain.Serbia and France.

Other games will take place here,too: the basketball preliminary matches and not to mention the women`s quarter finals ,medal matches,semi finals,Handball`s men`s quarter finals etc.And when it comes to the Paralympic Games the Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby will use this arena, too.

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