Loft ESN by Ippolito Fleitz Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Sep 2014 7:34 pm | Apartments

This apartment called Loft ESN is located in Palmscher Park in Esslingen, Germany and it is in the place of a former army barracks from the late Wilhelmine era which was transformed into a residential complex that became quite popular due to its hillside location that is only ten minutes of walk away from the town center.

The apartment was designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group for a family with two small children. The layout is very open and the large surface of the apartment (400 square meters) allowed a large number of amenities to fit inside.

The entrance is separated from the living area through a filtering curtain and the ground floor is spread around the dining are with a long table. The kitchen is connected with the dining space due to three solid surface cubes and the combination of stainless steel with lacquered wood brings a bright touch to the Italian glass tiles and touches of gold.

The upper level is where the master bedroom is located as well as a separate study in a dark blue tone with a large grey circle on the ceiling for an elegant and modern aesthetic.



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