Loft Conversion by Egue & Seta

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Feb 2014 8:23 am | Apartments

This space used to be a commercial space located in the city of Terrassa, Spain and the architectural practice of Egue & Seta transformed it into a modern apartment with a very diverse interior that takes some of the best elements of contemporary design and combines them with rustic and industrial touches.

The setting of the interior is very open and the inhabitants can flow with ease from one space to the next and toward the inner garden that was designed as a part of the home ensuring a natural ambiance and extra natural light during the day.

The predominant materials are concrete and brick with metal touches for the tiles and a glass façade. The living area integrates the kitchen and dining area without any partitions and the lounge area was dug into the foundation to make the area seem extra spacious while also giving the illusion of a larger distance to the dining room even if they are quite close.



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