Loft in Bratislava by gutgut

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2014 9:39 pm | Apartments

The architectural practice of gutgut refurbished an apartment in 2013 located in a functionalist building from 1928 which was designed by Clement Silinger and it is located in the center of Bratislava, Slovakia.

The original layout had four rooms and it was transformed into a multipurpose project that could host artworks, a home office and a turntable with integrated sound system. The owners weren’t very specific so the designers could experiment by taking the original plan as the starting point.

The wooden doors and some of the flooring were preserved but combined with a simpler arrangement that would make the interior much more modern. There is a wall that separates the closet, utility room, laundry and kitchen with a simple timber frame that spreads through the entire apartment to define the private and social areas.

A half of the apartment has the original oak parquet while the other half has red rubber flooring which goes from the foyer to the kitchen and into the shower room. The dining room stands out due to its sculptural aesthetic created by Richard Senesi and Jakub Trajter and the living room has a cross shaped sofa to complete the ambiance.

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