Loft 2 by Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Nov 2014 4:40 pm | Apartments

The Loft 2 was designed by the practice of Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura and it is located in an old factory building from the Poblenou district of Barcelona, Spain in an area currently going through renovations due to its proximity to the historic center of the city and to the Mediterranean Sea.

The designers left the iron structure of the building and the brickwork exposed but used white paint to reduce some of the industrial elements to more neutral ones. The layout is open and the double height of the living area with long curtains and tall windows make this zone very spacious.

The furniture is bringing a contrasting tone to the white and light wood tones of the walls and flooring, while the tall ceiling permits the integration of mezzanines where the kitchen, dining room and bathroom are located.

The piano was placed in the former of the living area behind the lounge space on a platform as a small home stage.


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