Lo Spazio in Milano, Italy

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Apr 2013 1:35 pm | Apartments, Interior Design

This magnificent space might seem puzzling at first since it is quite difficult to realize if you are looking at a private home or an art gallery, and actually it is a bit of both. The studio of the photographer Davide Lovatti is located in Milano, Italy and it spreads over a surface of 300 square meters and it is used for photo shoot sessions, art exhibitions and other events.

With a polished concrete floor, white walls and large windows (to introduce large artworks inside, among other uses) the details are very exquisite and each room is itself a work of art that combines rustic elements with contemporary and even Avant-garde ideas, to provide something that cannot be named eclectic but are rather original through their combination.

The space is very well lit and the white walls provide excellent spots for exhibits, while the textures and colors try to add extra warmth. The space is placed in a good area offering catering possibilities and is minutes away from the metropolitan area with the car, bus or metro.



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