Lo Curro House by Peñafiel Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Dec 2013 8:47 pm | Homes

Located in Santiago, Chile, the Lo Curro House was designed by the practice of Penafiel Arquitectos in 2009 and it is the result of a commission that wanted a house without walls, with glass instead to take advantage of the beautiful landscape that featured the Andes.

Two curves define the house, one of them taking care of the central circulation indoors and the other one delineating the façade. The designers developed an orthogonal rooms program to make these curves stand out and to better incorporate the project into the landscape.

Featuring a large terrace, the house maintains constant visual connection with it through the complete transparency of its walls toward the south and the façade also acts as a large corridor which is supported by only a few columns.

The façade was built with exposed concrete along the halls and a wooden formwork was added to add warmth and texture. The finish on the terraces is sand-colored stone while the interior uses neutral tones to make the surrounding landscape stand out.



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