Lilloland by Samuel Fricaud and Cedric Fages

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Nov 2014 11:00 pm | Other

Lilloland is a unique project trying to rethink the concept of outdoor hospitality through an eco-friendly and comfortable residential project which is fixed or mobile to focus on the experience of nature and diverse sceneries.

The project was initiated by Samuel Fricaud and Cedric Fages starting from the idea of nomadism with the art of living intermixed into a contemporary architectural design. The wooden frame environmental housing is inspired from the Provencal lodge to connect with the outdoors and Cedric Fages brought his experience in commercial architecture to develop this outdoor hospitality house into an industry that provides the clients with a way of escaping into nature.

The project comes with various services and equipment associated for the different environments where it will be placed so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from a safe and cozy setting either in France which is the original country of the project or anywhere abroad.


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