Levi Ski Resort Project in Lapland by BIG

By : Mark V | 2 May 2016 4:43 am | Other

BIG has won a while ago a competition to design a new, 47.000 ski resort and recreational area in Levi, that will transform the current Levi Ski resort into a world class Ski Village. The location for this new project is right next to the Kittilä airport, ensuring easy access to Lapland and to the existing Levi Village.

The main investor of this project is the Finland-based developer  Kassiopeia Finland Oy that already owns and runs Hotel Levi Panorama, Levi Summit Congress Center and Hotel K5 Levi and it’s more than obvious that this developer wants control over the Koutalaki area as well.

BIG has came up with a unique design that tries to combine traditional with modern influences to create an exquisite look for this ski resort. They will also be responsible with the design and construction of several buildings from the resort – to be more precise four buildings that will have undulating roofs that will allow the skiers to come down from any direction they please.

The position of the four buildings will create a central square that will function as a plaza right in the center of the resort – ice skating will be the main attraction here and music events will be held here, around cafes and bars found at ground level. Access to the roofs is made using elevators and on top there’s a restaurant which has a panoramic view of the plaza and the surroundings.

There are also eight private villas with private gardens in this project and the topography of the site makes them to be positioned at different levels from the ground.  The façade of the buidings has a light granite material that blends in perfectly with the white landscape.

During the summer time the ski resort will function as a place for picnics, hiking, relaxation or just exploring the surroundings.

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