Leung residence by KC Design Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Nov 2013 3:09 pm | Interiors

The Leung residence is a project designed by the KC Design Studio in Taiwan with a warm contemporary interior that offers comfort and functionality.

The owners had a large collection of items from their travels and these decorate the interior being placed on wooden shelves which the designers created specifically for them while also offering extra storage space.

The project is divided into two sections, one hosting the private area and the other where the living spaces are located. The residential project has an L shape and this allowed an easy separation of the two sections with a corridor between them which brings natural light and ventilation through the interior.

The bedroom has an open plan layout and it integrates the bathroom into it, while the choice for materials is made for comfort and warmth with wood being the main one since it is elegant and creates a sense of coziness.



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