Leeds Arena by Populous

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Oct 2013 5:30 pm | Indoor Arenas

The Leeds Arena was designed by the Populous architectural practice with the shape of a bowl that focuses on keeping the spectators close to the performance stage even if the seats they have are 67 meters away which is the farthest distance.

The theater has 12500 seats and it is located in the downtown area of Leeds, England with a design that integrates itself in the existing infrastructure while also contrasting from them. The façade is made with LED strips that can shine in various combinations of colors and different patterns.

The arena has 15 rows of seats on the same level as the stage and these can be removed at will to transform the musical venue into a basketball court, tennis court, or boxing ring. The seats are designed to follow a fan shape so that the viewing angles are optimal and this also increases the flexibility of the interior allowing easy reconfiguration.



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