Lazika Municipality Building by Architects of Invention

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 May 2015 1:06 pm | Urban

Sometimes buildings need to experiment and try out different and new ideas in so that progress exists and with a name like Architects of Invention, it is certain that this architectural practice is one that knows this fact very well.

This project was commissioned by the municipality for a new building in a city that is still getting raised, namely Lazika, Georgia.Together with the engineers from Engenuiti they created a steel structure that is a part of the development of a new city on the coast of the Black Sea. This building will become the new Public Service Hall, Wedding Hall and Municipal Office and its construction was completed in only 168 days.

What the designers tried to create was juxtaposition between a sculpture and a building and thus it isn’t separated into floors but has several volumes and each has its separate function being reminiscent of the idea of a “floating city” envisioned by Yona Friedman.

According to the designers, their aim was to make a building similar to a sculpture and made from one material, as a monument of new architecture for a new city and through their design they manage to emphasize the importance of the void spaces and the way that the volumes communicate with each other.



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