Lavish apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

By : Mark V | 17 Oct 2011 5:47 pm | Apartments, Interiors

This impressive and beautifully decorated apartment it’s located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, overlooking the Hammarby Lake. It has 1,625 square foot (151 square meters) and encapsulates vintage elements with modern pieces of furniture that make its design truly unique.

In the middle of the apartment there is a huge living room that allows many people in-the perfect spot for relaxation or chit-chats. You can ask friends or family over and the pendant lamps and vintage furniture that adorn the room create a welcoming atmosphere.

Even if the apartment is painted entirely in gray, it doesn’t create a grim atmosphere. The design of the apartment and the colours chosen create a mixture of new and old, in perfect harmony. Even if the neutral colours might make it seem imposing,there is something inviting about this loft.

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