Lanyang Museum by Kris Yao/Artech Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2013 6:06 pm | Museums

The practice of Kris Yao/Artech Architects designed the Lanyang Museum located adjacent fo the Wushih Port in the Yilan County, Taiwan for the local government.

The museum has the shape of a triangular mass built at an angle to integrate with the cuesta rock formation in which it is placed and with the terrain on which it is placed. The façade is clad in granite and aluminum panels to create a palette that blends in with the rugged landscape and the panels vary in texture and size to represent the natural erosion of the reef nearby.

The building interlaces solid volumes with glass to define the functions of the spaces inside. Thus the opaque sections host the exhibition and administrative areas, while the areas where the glass is host the lobby and restaurant since they require additional natural light.

The project is an exemplary design in which architecture is integrated with the surrounding landscape as well as with the history and culture of the place.



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